Our Vision
OBSERVE project has the vision of establishing a new Balkan EO community of multilevel stakeholders that will make use of state of the art technological developments, products and knowhow from the existing European EO community and industry.

Our Mission
OBSERVE project has the ultimate goal to raise awareness and establish firm links with the regional stakeholders on the importance of a mutual and enhanced EO application network on environmental monitoring.

The need for coordination
Balkan countries, except Greece, are not ESA members. Therefore, space related activities, including Earth Observation and the related programs, are coordinated only at national level. GMES is the major joint EC and ESA space program, thus involving the need of coordination.

Contribution to GEO
Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, FYROM, Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina are also not members of the GEO, therefore any coordination and capacity development action deployed in those countries, targeting the active involvement of national government officials, decision makers and local institutions will subsequently lead to internal dynamic processes favouring the participation to the GEO.

The OBSERVE implementation strategy has the objective to:

  • Build a spatial database and web inventory with all existing dynamic elements related to the scope of the relevant analysis in order to reinforce new synergies in Earth Observation solutions for the benefit of environment;
  • Raise awareness on the need to harmonize policies and practices in the field Earth Observation applications in order to address the challenges described by the GEarth Observation societal benefit areas;
  • Serve as an efficient mechanism for recording, monitoring and influencing policy in Earth Observation;
  • Favour exploitation and development of Earth Observation activities and ensure coordination of these activities for the benefit of natural resources management;
  • Promote the idea of permanent institutional links and mutual cooperation between Balkan states in the field of Earth Observation for environmental management;
  • Ensure free access of Balkan countries to all advantages of Earth Observation techniques;
  • Promote cooperation between Balkan States in the fields of training and sharing of staff and experiences in all aspects of Earth Observation.

South-Eastern European Journal of Earth Observation and Geomatics