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Results of the Final OBSERVE Symposium

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Welcome to the website of the EU funded project OBSERVE, “Strengthening and development of Earth Observation activities for the environment in the Balkan area”.

Our mission is to collect and process all the necessary information for delivering an integrated analysis on the current status of Earth Observation activities and networks in the Balkans regarding environmental monitoring, the potential benefit from the full exploitation of an integrated capacity development strategy and the prospect of creating a relevant permanent Earth Observation Community in the broader region.

OBSERVE project has the ultimate goal to raise awareness and establish firm links with the regional decision making bodies on the importance of a mutual and enhanced Earth Observation application network on environmental monitoring according to the principles of the GEO.



  • THEME: [ENV.2010.4.1.4-1 , Identification and Networking of EO activities in the Balkan area] 
  • Project acronym: OBSERVE 
  • Project full title: " Strengthening and Development of Earth Observation Activities for the Environment in the Balkan Area " 
  • Grant agreement no: 265282 
  • Timetable: from 01/11/2010 to 30/10/2012
  • Instrument: Coordination and Support Action

South-Eastern European Journal of Earth Observation and Geomatics