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GeoImaging Ltd is a leading SME in Cyprus, established in 2002 at Nicosia. The company offers scientific and professional solutions in Geo-informatics. It is also active in Research and Development (R&D) programs, in EU & national funded projects and provides consultations services as well. The GeoImaging team is comprised of eight members with expertise that covers a wide area of the curriculum. The company’s goal is to support its clients and partners in the responsible and successful completion of projects. The products and services span state of the art knowledge and technology from spatial information acquisition, processing, analysis to representation and visualisation. More specifically GeoImagings’ services include: Photogrammetry, Cartography, Surveying, Geodesy Implementing existing or new Geographic Information System applications (GIS), Remote sensing, tracking and surveillance, Earth observation applications and monitoring of objects, structures., 3D modelling, Software development and informatics in general, Digital imaging acquisition and processing, Imaging software development.

Understanding the importance of continuous progress, GeoImaging has its own R&D department. The research areas covered include those producing knowledge used later in the development of, or for the inclusion in various IT/Geoinformatics solutions and products. This period GeoImaging is coordinating/participating in 4 research projects, 1 funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and 3 by EC under the FP7. The first one is coordinated by GEO

Key Personnel Involved


Dr. Stratos Stylianidis received his diploma as Surveying Engineer in 1996 from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2001, his received his PhD in the area of Photogrammetry and Geographical Information Systems from the same university. He is member in various International Organizations, such as ISPRS, CIPA and ICOMOS. During the last 10 years he prepared 30 scientific publications for journals and conference proceedings. In the research field, Dr. Stylianidis participated in 22 research projects; in 3 as Scientific and Project Manager.

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Tel: +357 (22) 447770

Kostas Smagas holds a BA in International & European Economic & Political Studies and an MSc in Public Administration from the Leiden University, The Netherlands. Kostas Smagas is participating in the project and program management of Geoimaging Ltd. He is expert in consulting and involved as a project member in various national and European projects providing consultation services and technical assistance in thematic areas such as strategic and business planning, collection and processing of data, action plan and structure reorganization of public enterprises, proposal writing, organization and support of events and workshops.

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel: +357 (22) 447770

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Geoimaging Ltd, Georgiou Seferi 6 , P.O.Box 1643 Nicosia, Cyprus