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Foundation of Polytechnic University of Tirana goes early in the year 1951. First it was called High Institute of Polytechnic (HIP). Based on HIP at the year 1954 was established University of Tirana (UT). At 1991 UT were split into two Universities where technical and engineering faculties and departments established the Polytechnic University of Tirana (UPT). Actually UPT is formed by six faculties. Department of Geodesy is under the Civil Engineering Faculty as one of six departments that are in this faculty. Department of Geodesy indeed was established as a Chair, Branch and Department at the year 1957. Actually Department of Geodesy is the only basic education unit responsible for education, teaching programmes and issued diploma for the students study in the branch of surveying and geodesy in Albania. Actually the education, programmes and standards are organised referring the Bologna System in three levels. Also Department is independent to carry out and developed the scientific work, research, organised doctoral studies and to perform and participate in various project in national and international levels.

Key Personnel Involved


Dr. Eng. Gezim Gjata graduated his diploma as Geodetic Engineer from University of Tirana at 1981. During 1981 till 1983 he worked as surveying engineer in a geologic Maritime Expedition for study and research of Oil in the Sea. At 1983 he was appointed as lecturer in Department of Geodesy / Civil Engineering Faculty. He taught in various subjects like Engineering Geodesy, Photogrammetry and actually Cartography and Remote sensing. In 1992 he carried out post graduated studies at ITC/ The Netherlands and at 1997 he gain PhD Diploma (Doctor) in Polytechnic University of Tirana. In 2008 he was elected and appointed Head of Department of Geodesy. Actually he is elected member Of Scientific Council of CEF, member of Albanian National Board and Member of Albpos Project Consortium.

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MSc. Eng. Sokol Allaraj graduated his diploma as geodetic Engineer at 1995. After graduation he worked as engineer in Cadastre Office / Municipality of Tirana. In 1996 he was appointed as Chef of Urban Office dependent from City Hall of Tirana. At 1998 he established a private surveying company as well as He was appointed as part time lecturer in the Department of Geodesy / UPT. He teaches Transport and road projections as well as engineering geodesy. In 2008 he gain the Master of Science degree. Actually is in the process of PhD for the Doctor Degree.

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