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Infometria Ltd is an SME based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The company is directed to offer consultancy services and research as well as to the development of highly innovative products in the area of Geo-informatics.

Company’s targets are:

  • Project development in the area of edge technologies and Geo-informatics
  • Design and development of specialised software in spatial analysis
  • Development and market exploitation Geo-informatics applications
  • Design and development of research programmes in national, European and international level
  • The analytical profile of the company is formed in a daily bases through continuous and permanent preoccupation of its staff and associates on the subject areas of: Cartography, Informatics, GIS (Manifold System GIS), Remote Sensing, GPS

Additionally Infometria provides technical solutions and consultancy to private and public institutions on: (a) Real estate management using the Geoval software and (b) Collection, processing and management of information

Key Personnel Involved


Themis Roustanis. 2003: Surveying Engineer, AUT Greece, 2005: Msc, AUT Greece, Author of 3 scientific publications to International Journals and Convention proceedings. Themis has participated in 5 research projects and has extensive knowledge in Design and development of specific GIS applications. Also designed several Spatial Databases and developed software for Traffic Management, Real Estate and Evaluation (GeoVAL App.), Cadastre etc.

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Tel: + 30 2311247466


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Mitropoleos 110, 54621 Thessaloniki