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The University of Haifa (www.haifa.ac.il/index_eng.html) was founded in 1963. Today it is home to more than 18,000 students with over 600 scholars and scientists making up the academic staff of the University's six Faculties: Humanities; Social Sciences and Mathematics; Education; Law; Social Welfare and Health Studies; and Science and Science Education. There is also a thriving Graduate School of Business.

The Research Authority at The University of Haifa (http://ra.haifa.ac.il/) aims to promote excellence in science and to foster the next generation of scholars and scientists at the University’s various faculties and departments. In this context, both the Vice-President & Dean of research and the HU Research Committee view the promotion and encouragement of research ties with other academic institutions in Israel and abroad as a central pillar of the overall endeavor to enhance the University’s research profile. Among the most prominent of the University’s 50 multifaceted research centers are: the Institute of Evolution, the Interdisciplinary Center for the Brain and Behavior, the Max Wertheimer Center for Cognitive Processes and Human Performance, the Minerva Center for Youth Studies, and the Research Institute for Alternatives in Education. The IBM Haifa Science and Technology Center situated at the University Carmel Mt. Campus, heralds the University’s potential for 21st-century IST research.

Key Personnel Involved


Prof. Ammatzia Peled is professor at the University of Haifa in the Dept. of Geography and Environmental Studies and head of the GIS and Remote Sensing Laboratories. He is also Member, Board of Trustees the ISPRS Foundation. Author, co-Author Editor and Co-editor of 5 books, 6 Journal issues, 18 Proceedings, 4 Educational Software Packages and over 200,000 line of software code used at National Mapping Agencies in Israel and USA, 117 Scientific publications, 44 Research reports, over 200 Editorials, & Professional and Technical report, book review, and many reviews of research proposals, M.Sc. and PhD Theses. Scientific PI of 32 research projects funded by national sources in Israel and USA.

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Tel: 972-4-8240148

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Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. University of Haifa. Haifa 31905, Israel