The concept of CARAVAN

Following the ISPRS tradition, the OBSERVE project will launch a mini series of CARAVAN events in the Balkan countries.

The CARAVAN knowledge-transfer concept is simple:

  1. Visit target audience at their location rather than transporting them to the scientific and professional events.
  2. May focus on topics that are of interest to the region or the host country and aim directly to meet with local demands and needs.
  3. CARAVAN events will support cooperation between individuals, institutes and Countries within the region.

and its goals are set as :

  • Knowledge transfer and capacity building
  • Amplify the voice of local scientists and professionals
  • Encourage their cooperation
  • Elevate and support the status of local scientists, professionals, managers and officials that are dealing with spatial information
  • Increase the awareness of the private, public and governmental communities, officials and decision-makers to EO
  • Further the cooperation between individuals, institutes and Countries within the Balkan region in particular and outside the region, as well

OBSERVE CARAVAN will be launched in at least 3 countries:

  1. Bulgaria (Sofia, 01.03.2012)
  2. Albania (Tirana, tba)
  3. Serbia (Belgrade, tba)