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May, 2011. OBSERVE at ISPRS e-Bulletin

OBSERVE e-Newsletter issue 01 is hosted at the ISPRS e-bulletin No 4 of 2011

You can obtain more details on this important dissemination activity here.


April 07, 2011. B.GN - OBSERVE Survey Launched

The joint questionnaire of B.GN and OBSERVE project for the identification of EO stakeholders has been launched today.

Join  the survey here.

March 24-25, 2011. OBSERVE and BankanGeoNet cluster meeting in Zagreb, Croatia.

OBSERVE and BankanGeoNet projects had their first cluster meeting in the Faclty of Geodesy in Zagreb, Croatia in order to undertake common action towards common objectives. During the cluster meeting the two sister projects nvestigated in depth areas of mutual interest especially regarding identification of relevant local stakeholders and future dissemination activities and events. In addition the second day of the  Zagreb meeting, OBSERVE partners reviewed the progress of the project regarding the predefined goals and targets and set the work plan for the mext meeting in Lubljana.

observe - bgnet meeting
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observe meeting 01
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March 17-18, 2011. OBSERVE at the GMES Operational Capacity Workshop

Presentation of OBSERVE during 2nd GMES Operational Capacity Workshop -Sofia, Bulgaria March 17-18, 2011.

Vassilios Tsioukas Associate Professor of the Rural and Surveying Engineering School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki who is participating in the Programme attended the 2nd Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) Operational Capacity Workshop that took place in Sofia March, 17th-18th 2011. Assoc. Prof Tsioukas presented a poster concerning the OBSERVE’s vision and missions.

During the poster session several discussions with other participants of the Workshop took place and a vivid interest was expressed for the OBSERVE’s missions and vision. There was also a meeting with OBSERVE local partner from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering & Geodesy in Sofia Prof. Petar Penev and other National and International stakeholders.

During the plenary sessions Assoc. Prof. Vassilios Tsioukas was informed on the recent events and activities of the European Earth observation programme GMES  since its Environment part is closely connected to the OBSERVE’s interests.

You can access the GMES Operational Capacity Workshop link here

petar penev
v tsioukas
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February 8.9 - OBSERVE at GEO European Projects Workshop (GEPW5)

OBSERVE project and coordinator Prof. Patias attended the fifth GEO European Projects Workshop (GEPW5) that took place in London on 8 and 9 February 2011. The workshop addressed the preparation of the 2012-2015 GEO Workplan, the implementation of the GEOSS Data Sharing Action Plan, and the EUGENE Project on developing the "European Strategy for GEO.

Prof. Patias presented the vision and objectives of OBSERVE project and its importance for creation of future synergies on Earth Observation activities in the Balkan area and underlined the importance of a coherent and long-term funding approach towards research initiatives in the Balkans.

More information and material (documents & presentations) on the Workshop can be obtained here.

Dowload OBSERVE project GEPW5 presentation here.

In addition you can download the article on the GEO European Projects Workshop here.

gepw5_observe poster 02
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